Death in the Sea of Mediocrity


This badge symbolizes how I see the uk brewing industry at the moment.  The “sea of mediocrity” are the breweries out there that are happy with just sustaining.  They have no want or need to better themselves as brewers  and are quite content sending out mediocre (at best) beer and selling it cheap.  These are the beers that we see at the pubs who are purchasing these beers for cheap and flogging them to the public trying to pass them off as quality product.  The clipper signifies the other side…the breweries that are making quality beer, that are pushing themselves and working hard to make beer that will give the consumers an excellent experience.  As they push through the sea of mediocrity, they create waves… and in their wake, leave a trail of mediocre dying behind them.

The recipe:

  • 97% pale
  • 3% caragold
  • Nugget (60 minutes) 12 ibu
  • Simcoe (15 minute) 13 ibu
  • Nugget (10 minute) 13 ibu
  • Centennial (5 minute) 5 ibu
  • Simcoe (5 minute) 7 ibu
  • Centennial (hopback)
  • Simcoe (hopback)

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