This pump clip might never be seen in the wild as this beer was not really designed to be dispensed via cask.  That being said, the first appearance of this beer was at Norwich Beer Festival 2015 on cask.

Why is it called Timanfaya?  Well Timanfaya is an area in Lanzarote (Canary Islands) …an island that is historically important to my family.  Timanfaya erupted between 1730 and 1736 and changed the face of the island.  This change was extreme and violent but the outcome was a thing of beauty.

I look at this beer the same way.  It is an extreme departure from what many people would consider beer…and I expect the backlash to be quite pronounced from those that don’t understand it.  But to those who are willing to accept change, who are willing to try something new, it will be a thing of beauty.  It will be unlike anything else they have had…and it could potentially change the face of my brewery.

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