The story behind Scarecrow Army

Scarecrow Army PROMO IMAGE.jpeg

This beer was approached in a slightly different way than the majority of my beers.  The idea behind this beer was to produce a beer that would replace Cambridgeshire Common without pushing too hard.

As a brewer, it is always said that there are some beers that need to be made just to pay the bills… you make those beers so that you can afford to make the fun things.  Cambridgeshire Common was that beer for me.  It was a beer that was absolutely not me…definitely not something that I was proud to put my name on.  It was a well made beer.. it tasted  like it should, it looked like it should (almost crystal clear for an unfined beer), it even sold as it should.. but at the end of the day this was not a beer that I ever liked and did not enjoy brewing, and what is the point of owning a brewery if you are going to make beers that you can’t pour your heart and soul into?

I decided that I still needed a brown beer in my range but that it needed to have more spirit to it than CC.  A poured over ideas, researching different styles that I thought might do the trick but I always found myself coming back to the idea of doing an American Brown.  It is a style that is very much neglected in the British brewing community (don’t get me wrong, there are some incredible American Browns being produced here, they are just few and far between).  The style itself tends to be a little higher in ABV than its British counterparts, hoppier and drier as well.  The idea is to have a slightly hoppy well rounded beer with a strong malty backbone.  I decided to put a small portion of dried bitter orange peel into the recipe as well to help balance out the malts and to add a bit of….something.  It’s hard to explain why it is there because it is not at all apparent… but it would be noticeably different if I were to remove it.

The name and artwork are from the incredible Nic Walker ( ).  He has been my illustrator for a number of my beers and his stuff is simply amazing!  For this project I wanted him to have free reign… so I gave him the ability to name the beer as well so that he would have a complete control over the concept.

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